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Old Dolls House

Pleasantville is a home that opens in the middle. There is a beautiful open staircase that goes up to the Master Bedroom. Pleasantville is furnished with 1940’s styled furniture.


The house kit includes wallpaper, rugs for the wooden floors, windows, window trim, front doors, door trims, porch railings, baseboard trim, outside trim, walnut veneer shingles, and landscaping.

Pleasantville Home Kit

    • The Pleasantville Home measures 10″ L x 10″ W x 8 3/4″ H. The Pleasantville Home was built in the late 1940’s. It has two porches, a 1940’s style living room, large kitchen, and guest room which doubles as a stud. There are two upstairs bedrooms, with a beautiful wooden staircase. There is a large side window, and large front windows. This unique house opens and closes in the middle.
    • The house is laser cut from 3/32″ basswood, and the shingles are laser cut from 1/64″ walnut veneer. The inside window trim and base board are laser cut from 1/64″ pine veneer.
    • The 1940’s furniture kits may be purchased separately sometime in Mid July.
    • The Lighting may be purchased separately sometime in Mid July.
    • The Pleasantville Home kit, price $135.00 does not include shipping or lighting and will be ready to purchase sometime in mid-July.

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