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Old Dolls House

Nana Rose lives in a small cottage, in the middle of a meadow. Nana Rose loves roses, but most of all she loves her Granddaughter, Rose Ann. Rose Ann comes to visit once a month and loves to sleep high in the top of Nana’s Cottage.

Nana Rose Cottage Kit

    • Nana Rose’s Cottage measures 8″ L x 8″ W x 7″ H. The house utilizes an open concept design. There is one partial wall that divides the kitchen from Nana Rose’s bedroom. The second room is the open loft which is her granddaughter, Rose Ann’s bedroom.
    • The house is laser cut from 3/32″ basswood, and the shingles are laser cut from 1/64″ walnut veneer. The inside window trim and base board are laser cut from 1/64″ pine veneer.
    • The house kit includes wallpaper, flooring paper, windows, front door with rose inset and door trim, steps, inside and outside trim, shingles and base.
    • The furniture kits may be purchased separately.
    • Please allow 7-10 days for laser cutting and preparing your house kit for shipping.
      Shipping is included in price for Nana Rose Cottage Kit
    • A Lighting Kit is available to purchase for Nana Rose’s House Kit.

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