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Old Dolls House

1/4″ Quarter Scale Just Peachy’s Living Room Set is a collection of Laser Cut and Engraved Kits for the Living Room in Just Peachy’s 3-room Tiny House.
These kits are laser cut from Maple wood, and do not need to be painted. However, you may use clear varnish to seal the furniture. I prefer DecoArt Americana DuraClear Matte Varnish. If you prefer a darker color you can use any color of stain pen.

Just Peachy Living Room Kit

  • Kits included are: Sofa with fabric.
    Two chairs with fabric to match the sofa.
    Round end table without accessories.
    Rectangle lamp table with the lamp.
    Rectangle end table without accessories.
    Coffee table without accessories.
    Directions are included with each kit. Shipping is included with Living Room Kits

    The flooring and accessories are Not included with the Living room kit.

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